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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Debug Plugins on your local PC without Remote Debugger

1.       Download Latest MS CRM 2011 SDK ( latest version has Plugin Profiler Implemented)

2.       Click on Install Profiler on Menu Bar ( if it is not installed in your plugin registration tool )

3.       You will find a new node added to your plugin registration tool

4.       Select your plugin step from your plugin and Enable Plugin Profiling

 5.       After enabling profile the screen will look like as below

 6.       Once your plugin step is in profile mode, start your MS CRM and fire the plugin from MS CRM, and Download and save the log file generated by profiling action at one location.

7.       In Visual Studio open your plugin and attach the to Process “Plugin Registration.exe” , and add breakpoint in your code where you want to start debugging.

8.       Then Click on Debug option in your plugin registration tool , you  will see the window as below



9.       In the Profile Location section please provide the file path which you have download at the time of firing plugin , also provide the name of the file in the path

10.   In the second option provide path of your Assembly file along with filename

11.   In the same section after providing the file name select the plugin you want to debug


12.   Click on “Start Plug-in Execution” button

13.   This will start the execution of your plugin and it will step into your code at the debug point


Your screen with debugging will look like as above

Happy debugging plugin for any MS CRM server without remote debugger or Visual Studio to be installed on MS CRM server


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