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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Convert to managed solution functionality

After our initial CRM 2011 Beta release, MS added new functionality that will allow you to convert unmanaged customizations to managed solution components in organizations upgraded from CRM 4 to CRM 2011. This will help you to convert unmanaged customizations to managed solutions in your existing customers’ upgraded organizations.

When a managed solution is imported, if any components in the managed solution are already installed in the organization as unmanaged, you will be prompted to convert the components to managed as part of the import process. For full details, please see the “Upgrade Your Customizations from Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0” section in the latest SDK documentation.

This functionality has been made available in the recently released beta patch (already applied to CRM 2011 Online Beta organizations and available for download for on-premise organizations).

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  1. hey vilas, can you help me out in retrieving the list of organisations of crm 2011 in c#,
    you already gave me the code in technet.

    but im unable to figure out how create the IDiscoveryService sericeProxy Object..

    Please help me