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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Internet Facing Deployment Access

Most of your questions are convered in the CRM Implementation Guide and the IFD Deployment Guide.

1. Correct: all users have to have a CRM user record to access CRM, regardless of whether you use on-premise or IFD configuraiton.
2. No: if you are using IFD configuration, then users can access CRM from any domain.
3. CRM doesn't integrate directly with Microsoft Exchange. Users can use CRM for Outlook which will process their email through Outlook, or you can configure the CRM E-mail Router to process mail on any email server

When a user visits the CRM URL they will be presented with a login form. They will need to enter their username and password, but they don't need to enter the name of the domain.
Like I said, there is no direct integration between Exchange and CRM. There is an option to use the CRM E-mail Router to connect an Exchange Server to CRM, but this is not a mandatory requirement. It all depends whether you need/want email processing or not, and whether the Exchange Server administrator wants you to connect the CRM E-mail Router to the Exchange Server or not.

Yes, when all users must have a CRM user record. And all CRM users must have an Active Directory user account. So therefore all users must have a CRM user record and an Active Directory user account.
Regarding Lotus Notes, the CRM E-mail Router can collect email from any POP3 mailbox and can deliver messages via an SMTP server. That's the theory. So if your dealer's Lotus Notes server is configured to allow the CRM E-mail Router to connect to the users' mailboxes via POP3 and you can access any SMTP server then you should be able to integrate with CRM to send and receive emails.
However, in practice, Lotus Notes is difficult to work with, Notes administrators don't want third-party services anywhere near the Domino server and there is very little help available -- so it will be a difficult job.

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